Simplifying rational expressions

This calculator factor both the numerator and denominator completely then reduce the expression by canceling common factors. Able to display the work process and the detailed explanation. Click on "advanced expressions" tab to simplify expressions such as

$$\frac{x^2+1}{2x^2-4x+2} ~ + ~\frac{x}{(x-1)^2} - \frac{x+1}{x^2-2x+1}$$
Simplifying Rational Expressions Calculator
Here you can simplify expressions of the form $\frac{A}{B}$
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Simplifying Advanced Expressions
This one can simplify much complicated expressions but without an explanation
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example 1:ex 1:
Simplify : $\dfrac{x^2+x-2}{3x^2-4x+1}$.
example 2:ex 2:
Simplify expression : $\dfrac{3x^2 - 39x + 90}{x^2-3x-70}$.
example 3:ex 3:
Simplify expression : $$\frac{2x^2 + x}{2x^3 + 7x^2 + 3x}$$.
example 4:ex 4:
Simplify expression : $$\dfrac{\dfrac{1}{x} - \dfrac{1}{2x+1}}{\dfrac{4x}{2x+1}}$$.
example 5:ex 5:
Simplify expression : $$\frac{x^2+1}{2x^2-4x+2} ~ + ~\frac{x}{(x-1)^2} - \frac{x+1}{x^2-2x+1}$$.
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